January 8, 2020

Cancer Diagnostic Company CIRECA Joins Southbridge Tech Incubator

Reagent-Free Optical Diagnostic Imaging Methods CIRECA is an early stage diagnostic company developing reagent-free optical diagnostic imaging methods. The company’s analytical tools and algorithms diagnose tissue- and cell-based samples using hyperspectral Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)-based Imaging. This technique delivers a universal measure of biochemical composition of tissue and cells that has been demonstrated to have prognostic and predictive diagnostic capability. The company is currently developing hardware and software tools that will advance our understanding of cancer and patient care. A Breakthrough for Pathology and Oncology It has been standard practice in pathology and oncology to make diagnostic, prognostic, and even …

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Southbridge – There’s Something In It For Everyone!

Find out why Southbridge, MA is a wonderful place to work, visit and enjoy!    

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